Isadore Apparel

As the 2015 cycling season played out, I was in the position of deciding what I would do for 2016.  The team I was with for the last 3 seasons had slowly withered, and looked to be dead for 2016.  It was a small team to start with, and for me that was fine.  I had always raced for smaller teams, and enjoyed the tactical freedom.

I finally decided I would race unattached to an established team for 2016, but that lead me to reach out to Isadore Apparel.  I wanted to establish a connection with a premium brand clothing company and develop a lasting relationship.  A relatively new clothing company to the cycling industry, Isadore Apparel seemed to be a perfect fit.  With clothing hand made in Slovakia, the brand has a good presence in Europe, but little exposure here in the US.  They are happy to have some exposure here in the US, and I am excited to be representing such a quality line of clothing.

Established by the Velits brothers who race professionally, I reached out to the company and set the ball rolling.  I had strong expectations of the clothing line, but I had no idea how much it would change my riding.  Isadore Apparel not only has the most luxurious feel, it also does an amazing job of regulating temperature for a wide range of riding conditions.  I could see the quality form the moment the first packages arrived.  Attention to detail is evident, and the fit is perfect.

I’m looking forward to 2016 and racing in some of the finest clothing available.

DSC_2609 DSC_2611 DSC_2620 DSC_2633DSC_2793

DSC_2779 Isadore-8 Isadore-9 Isadore-10 Isadore-13 Isadore-14 Isadore-17 Isadore-26



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