The one thing you can do to protect yourself from wedding disaster

wedding insurance

Some time back I wrote about protecting yourself from wedding disasters.  Face it, you have a lot invested in your wedding day, and there is no way to assure that everything will go perfectly.  If a major event occurs requiring the wedding to be postponed or rescheduled the financial burden can be huge.

Wedding insurance helps protect couples and families from the responsibility of such financial burdens in the case of such events.  For a very reasonable cost you and your fiance can eliminate a lot of the stress involved with putting together your wedding.  Organizing and planning should be fun, but the overhanging financial burden couples with the thought of things going wrong can really impact the entire process.

Carnahan Insurance is a local San Antonio agency that can help you with wedding coverage.  They can tailor coverage that is right for your event and get you the insurance you need that will help you rest easy and let you enjoy the excitement of your beautiful day.


Waht to do with that dress?

One wedding dilemma has always been what to do with the dress after the wedding.  The bride usually has specific plans whether it be storage or a more controversial “trash the dress” photo session.  The bridesmaids usually get stuck with a dress that doesn’t have much use.  This is where Newlymaid hopes to fill a gap.

Newlymaid is a dress recycling program that allows individuals to send in their bridesmaid, mother of the bride, social occasion and prom dresses for credit towards a “little black dress”.  The program looks interesting and could provide a nice alternative to just letting that dress hag in the back of the closet until your next “spring cleaning”.  Have a look at the FAQ on their site for more details.

The Impossible Project

In 2008 Polaroid announced the end of their instant film production.  Overnight the photo market responded as instant film fanatics snatched up every available pack.  Prices began to rise on unused film, and groups started to form in the belief they could will the company back into producing the “one of a kind film”.

Meanwhile a group in the Netherlands began a project to save the film; “the impossible project“.  This is their story.

Who is going to replace flickr?

who is going to take flickr down

Photo sharing sites have long been the place for inspiration and for the public to be “wowed”.  Flickr has long been one of the predominant photo sites on the net, with the perfect mix of features and social interaction.  Facebook has even done a great job integrating image management within the site so that it plays a critical role.  Face there are many photo sharing and portfolio sites available some of them much more popular than others, so who is going to be the next up and coming player.

500px enters the scene, and with its rapid growth and stylish appearance it could very well be the next big photo thing on the net.  The premise behind 500px does not put it on a head-to-head course with flickr, but it is interesting to see all the talented photographers mushrooming on the site.  In terms of inspiration there is some incredible work there and the clever mix of top rated pics, along with searchable photos makes it appealing to the user.

If you have not seen the site hop over and have a look around it is certainly worth it.

16 hours left on Fashion deals

Groupon deal of the day

I usually don’t post Groupon deals, but I thought this one might interest some of you.  Moda Mia Fashion in Castle Hills is offering $65 worth of Women’s apparel and accessories credit for $30. Whether the apparel is wedding oriented or not, the Groupon deal sounds like a great opportunity to save on some trendy apparel for the summer or the honeymoon.  You can jump over to the Moda Mia website to learn more about the store, and if interested in the deal, hit the Groupon link at the beginning of this post.

One tip that can transform your reception

Creating a reception that is memorable requires setting a great atmosphere.  If the mood is right, and the guests are having a great time then your reception will be the topic of conversation.

Setting the atmosphere can be very simple and does not require elaborate decorations or a budget in the stratosphere.  Lighting is key to setting the ambiance and mood, but it must be done in a strategic and planned manner.  This article at explains some of the options and nuances of lighting your reception.

One of the best ways to light for atmosphere is to use uplighting.  this of course can range from the simple to the extravogent, but even small lights can make a huge difference.  Here is a photo from a San Antonio wedding last year that I shot while the room was still brightly lit before the reception started.  As you can see there is some lighting on the ice sculpture as indicated by the red tint at the bottom.

brightly lit wedding reception

Now for a photograph of the ice sculpture once the lighting was turned down for the reception.

uplighting ice sculpture at san antonio wedding reception

The lighting was used in several other areas as well making for a very nice atmosphere within the venue.  It was accomplished by using small battery powered pen lights from a dollar store.  It made a huge difference in the center pieces and other decorations around the room.

If you are looking to enhance the impact to your guests and stay within budget consider using the uplighting technique and remember it can be accomplished at a very reasonable cost.

How will you register for your wedding gifts?

wishpot wedding and party registry

I came across the website the other day and found it interesting.  Wishpot is a registry site and takes the place of trekking from one store to the next setting up your bridal or wedding registry.  The site takes wedding registry to a new level with added features and the ability to integrate with social media.

I didn’t sign up for the service (already married you know), so I can’t speak for the usability, but it seems worthwhile.  It could certainly prevent all the driving around and scanning items at the department stores.  Of course building your registry the old fashioned way may still be appealing to some.  It is a great way to spend the day with your fiance.  Let me know in the comments if Wishpot seems appealing or if you still prefer the store to store approach.