Brittany and Zach’s Wedding in Comfort, TX

I occasionally get calls for weddings in the Hill Country, and such was the case for Brittany and Zach’s wedding.  Their wedding plans centered around The Cathedral in Comfort, TX.  Featuring a historic chapel and grounds, the venue has been converted into a beautiful wedding destination, and perfect backdrop for their day.

The day was made even more special by the close tie-in with family.  Brittany’s brother was presiding over the ceremony as minister, and had the special privilege of joining Brittany and Zach together as husband and wife.

One of the most heart felt moments occurred just before the start of the ceremony.  Brittany and Zach came together for a prayer, hand in hand; the chapel door acting as the curtain to prevent Zach from seeing his beautiful bride before the start of the ceremony.   With emotion in their voices they expressed their love for one another, and in moments the time had arrived.

Beautiful and full of love, that is the description of their day.

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Maizey and Aaron are Married – New Braunfels Wedding

On the grounds of The Springs near New Braunfels, Maizey and Aaron confirmed their love for one another.  As the sunset drew near, the wedding ceremony concluded ushering in a wonderful night of celebration and fun.  Being able to witness and photograph the entire day was such a fun experience.  The transition from anxiousness and excitement to joy and delight could be seen as the day progressed, and it was a pleasure capturing the intimate moments throughout.


Isadore Apparel

As the 2015 cycling season played out, I was in the position of deciding what I would do for 2016.  The team I was with for the last 3 seasons had slowly withered, and looked to be dead for 2016.  It was a small team to start with, and for me that was fine.  I had always raced for smaller teams, and enjoyed the tactical freedom.

I finally decided I would race unattached to an established team for 2016, but that lead me to reach out to Isadore Apparel.  I wanted to establish a connection with a premium brand clothing company and develop a lasting relationship.  A relatively new clothing company to the cycling industry, Isadore Apparel seemed to be a perfect fit.  With clothing hand made in Slovakia, the brand has a good presence in Europe, but little exposure here in the US.  They are happy to have some exposure here in the US, and I am excited to be representing such a quality line of clothing.

Established by the Velits brothers who race professionally, I reached out to the company and set the ball rolling.  I had strong expectations of the clothing line, but I had no idea how much it would change my riding.  Isadore Apparel not only has the most luxurious feel, it also does an amazing job of regulating temperature for a wide range of riding conditions.  I could see the quality form the moment the first packages arrived.  Attention to detail is evident, and the fit is perfect.

I’m looking forward to 2016 and racing in some of the finest clothing available.

DSC_2609 DSC_2611 DSC_2620 DSC_2633DSC_2793

DSC_2779 Isadore-8 Isadore-9 Isadore-10 Isadore-13 Isadore-14 Isadore-17 Isadore-26


Eclipse Albums

Leather bound albums are among the best ways to display the story from your wedding day.  Stretched canvas and wall prints are ideal for those select outstanding images, but the ability to tell your wedding day story is ideally suited to an album.  Being able to present the images in a quality album with archival prints allows the elegance and emotion of your day to come through in vivid detail.

The Eclipse album has come to be my preferred choice when the discussion of presentation, becomes the topic with clients.  From the gorgeous black leather, to the beautiful display box, the Eclipse album is elegant.  The archival prints are mounted to a thick black edged page making for a durable finish and classic look.  The album is a joy to hold and compliments the emotional impact of the images perfectly. The 10×10 size is the perfect format for displaying your day.

Select images from your wedding are assembled in a custom layout to tell the story of your day.  Images with the most impact are displayed prominently within the arrangement, and help bring your day back to life.  The Eclipse album is a perfect way for you to relive the day and feel all the emotion that made the experience so special.

DSC_3619 DSC_3621 DSC_3630 DSC_3635 DSC_3641 DSC_3657 DSC_3662

Cara and Joseph – San Antonio Wedding

Wedding days are always exciting.  I can feel the anticipation building as the couple’s get ready for the ceremony.  No matter how laid back the ceremony and reception plans, I can always sense the nervous excitement among the bridal party.

Cara and Joseph may have been nervously anxious, but it was hidden from me.  They both seemed completely unfazed by the wedding day chaos that tends to swirl around the big day.  Everything fell into place, and those small details that might be a minor disaster to some, were brushed off with a calm improvised plan.

The best part of the day was seeing all the love and care they had for family and friends.  It was touching to see the close bond, and emotional interactions, between guests, friends, and family.  That is the exciting part the I will remember from their wedding day.  Congrats Cara and Joseph, it was a privilege to photograph the moments of your wedding day.

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Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is one of those locations that tugs at me.  The grand nature of the river, the rock formations, the intricacies of the landscape all come together to provide a spectacular experience.  My first thought when visiting locations like this is how exciting it would be to stage a bridal shoot there.  The creative possibilities are limitless.

My recent visit to the park was more of a photographic scouting trip.  My effort was to identify some possible locations for a bridal or engagement shoot that would result in compelling images.  It was an effort in narrowing down the limitless possibilities to a manageable number of likely photography spots.  Overall the trip was good and helped give some initial shape to my ideas.  I left with some good images for planning and staging, but I also need to find the right bride or couple to being the vision to life.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, and feel you would enjoy the creative and planning process, I would like to hear from you.

DSC_3677 PedernalesFalls-9 PedernalesFalls-11 PedernalesFalls-12 PedernalesFalls-14 PedernalesFalls-15 PedernalesFalls-16PedernalesFalls-3


Magnolia Market – Waco, TX

It is great to see the revitalization of the Waco downtown area.  There has been much conversation over this topic over the years and now we are seeing the transition play out.  The investment along the Brazos river, moving the Zoo to the Cameron Park area, and the addition of McLane Stadium by Baylor have all been pivotal in breathing life into the city.  The latest addition to the downtown Waco economy comes on the heels of the hit TV show Fixer Upper.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have taken the old grain mill in downtown Waco, and renovated it into a home decor market.  Magnolia Market has become a destination for many who enjoy the TV show and want to see first hand the type of renovation work featured on the program.  The grain mill and adjoining “silos” have sat vacant for as long as many can remember.  The project made perfect sense.  The Gaines had quickly outgrown their Bosque Blvd store, and this was just the type of project they are know for; renovating the oldest ugliest property into something fantastic.

Even the cold February weather will not deter the show’s faithful viewers from visiting the market.  Waiting as long as 15-20 minutes to get inside the market, the line continued to grow as I observed from under the awning of the silos (they made for a pleasant wind break for the cold norther wind).  Complete with a play area for the kids and food truck court for those hungry it is a well thought out attraction that is worth a visit.

Just down the street from Magnolia is The Findery, another well done home decor store housed within the renovated Percy Medicine building.  Complete with original paint, the charm and atmosphere of downtown has been beautifully preserved, while providing a unique shopping experience.  It warms my heart to see the life that has been brought into the downtown Waco area.


A photo looking toward the River down Webster Ave at the back of the Percy medicine building where the Findery is located.  The “Silos” of Magnolia can bee seen in the distance on the left side of the street.


The ever growing line of customers waiting to get into Magnolia.  The popularity is so great they have to regulate the number of customers allowed in.


The grain silos adjacent to the market.


Pano shot of the silos with the kid’s play area in the foreground.


Detail image of equipment around the silos.


Detail image of equipment around the silos.


Detail image of equipment around the silos.