Boerne Wedding Photography at Paniola Ranch

We had the pleasure of photographing Kim and Matt’s wedding at the beautiful Paniola Ranch in Boerne, TX.  Thanks for choosing us!


Amy’s Bridal Photos – Scenic Springs

Amy picked a beautiful day for bridal photos, and you can never go wrong having them done at Scenic Springs.  The grounds are beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous.  Such a fitting location for her wedding and bridal photography.  Now that she is married here are a few of the images from the session.

Amy_Bridal-16 Amy_Bridal-33 Amy_Bridal-36

Wedding at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the more popular attractions in San Antonio is the Botanical Garden.  The gardens are kept beautiful all year round, and provide a wonderful experience for visitors and tourists.  I have done several bridal photography sessions there over the years, and on one occasion I noticed the chairs set up for a wedding ceremony.

I assumed the Botanical Garden would be a very popular location for wedding ceremonies, but It was only recently that I had the opportunity to cover a wedding there.  With such a large venue the options and settings are numerous, especially for smaller ceremonies.  No matter what area of the venue you are in, the settings are beautiful, and the photo opportunities are unending.

My coverage of Chantel and Ben’s wedding was a great experience, and I was excited to finally photograph a ceremony at such an iconic venue in San Antonio.  The weather was beautiful, and the gardens looked amazing as usual.  If you are looking for a wedding venue, or a location for bridal photos I highly recommend the Botanical Gardens.

San Antonio Botanical Garden wedding Chantel_Benjamin-11 Chantel_Benjamin-16 Chantel_Benjamin-17 Chantel_Benjamin-30 Chantel_Benjamin-40 Chantel_Benjamin-49 Chantel_Benjamin-50 Chantel_Benjamin-52 Chantel_Benjamin-90 Chantel_Benjamin-104

Beautiful skies for Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding

Capturing Jennifer and Steven’s wedding day was an exciting opportunity this month.  Their ceremony was held at the Latter-Day Saint Temple here in San Antonio.  Sitting atop one of the tallest hills in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, the temple can be seen for miles and is a striking structure.  While photography is not allowed inside the temple, we were free to capture photographs on the grounds and around the temple architecture.

The day was lovely with beautiful skies, as Jennifer and Steven exited the temple to be greeted by family and friends.  After some group photos and family pictures, we had time to capture just the two of them together as husband and wife.  The smiles on their faces, and words of affection they shared was touching, making the moment even more memorable. I feel the photos convey the tenderness of their love and feeling in their hearts.

Jennifer and Steven, I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your photographer for such a special occasion.

latter day-saint wedding photographer in San Antonio Jennifer_Steven-7 Jennifer_Steven-8 Jennifer_Steven-10 Jennifer_Steven-11 Jennifer_Steven-68 Jennifer_Steven-76 Jennifer_Steven-81 Jennifer_Steven-84 Jennifer_Steven-87 Jennifer_Steven-90

Holli and Shane get Married

Outdoor weddings this time of year in San Antonio can be gorgeous, but the ceremony can be a gamble with the weather.  It seems this Spring has provided an unending mix of craziness.  For Holli and Shane however, the weather was perfect, with wonderful temperature, clear skies, and a beautiful venue.

Rustic Gardens was their choice of location, and the venue was perfect with just the right mix of style and rustic charm.  Capturing the pre-wedding nerves, the wonderful ceremony expressions, and the reception fun was exciting, and provided for an evening of great photography.   Documenting the interactions of the day and capturing the emotions of the event is always heartwarming, and gives me a sense of accomplishment to know I am providing lasting memories.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer Holli_Shane-21 Holli_Shane-32 Holli_Shane-38 Holli_Shane-48 Holli_Shane-67 Holli_Shane-73 Holli_Shane-76 Holli_Shane-84 Holli_Shane-104 Holli_Shane-105 Holli_Shane-109 Holli_Shane-112 Holli_Shane-147 Holli_Shane-162 Holli_Shane-165 Holli_Shane-197 Holli_Shane-199 Holli_Shane-212 Holli_Shane-231 Holli_Shane-301 Holli_Shane-326 Holli_Shane-334 Holli_Shane-378 Holli_Shane-385 Holli_Shane-393 Holli_Shane-436 Holli_Shane-446 Holli_Shane-454 Holli_Shane-492 Holli_Shane-495

Melissa and Sacha – a Corpus Christi Wedding

I have been photographing weddings in Corpus Christi for a awhile now, and I’m always excited to hear from couples in that area who are needing a wedding photographer.  Melissa and Sacha contacted me for their wedding and with the date still available on my schedule I was eager to join them on their wonderful day.

Catholic weddings are always exciting.  I love the opportunity to photograph ceremonies within the ornate and decorative architecture.  I also find most priests to be very flexible with their photography requirements giving me plenty of leeway to capture the couple during the marriage sacrament.  For Melissa and Sacha the day was fantastic.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was filled with fun and joy.  It was a pleasure to photograph everyone having a great time and enjoying the event.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Melissa_Sacha-45 Melissa_Sacha-74 Melissa_Sacha-94 Melissa_Sacha-158 Melissa_Sacha-210 Melissa_Sacha-297 Melissa_Sacha-306 Melissa_Sacha-317 Melissa_Sacha-450 Melissa_Sacha-458 Melissa_Sacha-461


Tawanna and Ray are married

For the most part Texas weather is hot!  We have cold days in the winter…most Northerner’s would laugh at what we call cold.  We also have some wet weather in the spring, and I referred to that in my previous post on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  The wet weather returned for Tawanna and Ray’s wedding day, but there is a saying that goes with that.

Rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, because a wet knot is harder to untie.

The weather did not stop everyone from having a great time and enjoying the wonderful ceremony and reception.  The bride looked beautiful, the groom looked stylish, and together they danced the evening away.

san antonio wedding photographer Tawanna_Ray-83 Tawanna_Ray-98 Tawanna_Ray-100 Tawanna_Ray-102 Tawanna_Ray-110 Tawanna_Ray-122 Tawanna_Ray-136 Tawanna_Ray-138 Tawanna_Ray-143 Tawanna_Ray-163 Tawanna_Ray-244 Tawanna_Ray-251 Tawanna_Ray-317 Tawanna_Ray-334 Tawanna_Ray-343 Tawanna_Ray-371