McNay Art Museum Bridal Photography – San Antonio, TX

The Mcnay Art Museum has long been a favorite destination of wedding photographers and brides around San Antonio.  The well kept landscape and wonderful architecture makes for a wonderful backdrop.  Shooting on the grounds is inexpensive and easy.  A small $20 grounds fee is collected by security, preventing the need to fill out paperwork or obtain a permit beforehand.

The grounds can get a bit crowded depending on the time of day and weather, so some patience and planning is recommended.  It is not uncommon to find a number of photographers as well as museum goers wandering about taking in the art.  There are the typical photo spots, but there are plenty of areas for those with a creative eye.  Make sure to check the hours the grounds are open, which vary from the museum itself, if you are planning a visit.

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX


Boerne Bridal Photographer – Alyssa at The Springs

Select photos from Alyssa’s bridal session at The Springs in Boerne.  It’s always a pleasure to shoot bridal photos at wedding venues.  The lack of traffic and interruptions allows for a much more creative atmosphere.  For the bride it means comfortable accommodations to get ready without the limitations of a makeshift location.  Of course I always schedule so the photography session runs through sunset so we can make the best of the beautiful light.

Beautiful entrance door at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Beautiful sunset light at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Gorgeous sunset at The Springs in Boerne

Beautiful entrance door at The Springs in Boerne

The woodwork and ceilings are an attractive feature of The Springs in Boerne

The stairs are a main feature of the reception area at The Springs in Boerne

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is one of those locations that tugs at me.  The grand nature of the river, the rock formations, the intricacies of the landscape all come together to provide a spectacular experience.  My first thought when visiting locations like this is how exciting it would be to stage a bridal shoot there.  The creative possibilities are limitless.

My recent visit to the park was more of a photographic scouting trip.  My effort was to identify some possible locations for a bridal or engagement shoot that would result in compelling images.  It was an effort in narrowing down the limitless possibilities to a manageable number of likely photography spots.  Overall the trip was good and helped give some initial shape to my ideas.  I left with some good images for planning and staging, but I also need to find the right bride or couple to being the vision to life.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, and feel you would enjoy the creative and planning process, I would like to hear from you.

DSC_3677 PedernalesFalls-9 PedernalesFalls-11 PedernalesFalls-12 PedernalesFalls-14 PedernalesFalls-15 PedernalesFalls-16PedernalesFalls-3


Amy’s Bridal Photos – Scenic Springs

Amy picked a beautiful day for bridal photos, and you can never go wrong having them done at Scenic Springs.  The grounds are beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous.  Such a fitting location for her wedding and bridal photography.  Now that she is married here are a few of the images from the session.

Amy_Bridal-16 Amy_Bridal-33 Amy_Bridal-36

Wedding at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the more popular attractions in San Antonio is the Botanical Garden.  The gardens are kept beautiful all year round, and provide a wonderful experience for visitors and tourists.  I have done several bridal photography sessions there over the years, and on one occasion I noticed the chairs set up for a wedding ceremony.

I assumed the Botanical Garden would be a very popular location for wedding ceremonies, but It was only recently that I had the opportunity to cover a wedding there.  With such a large venue the options and settings are numerous, especially for smaller ceremonies.  No matter what area of the venue you are in, the settings are beautiful, and the photo opportunities are unending.

My coverage of Chantel and Ben’s wedding was a great experience, and I was excited to finally photograph a ceremony at such an iconic venue in San Antonio.  The weather was beautiful, and the gardens looked amazing as usual.  If you are looking for a wedding venue, or a location for bridal photos I highly recommend the Botanical Gardens.

San Antonio Botanical Garden wedding Chantel_Benjamin-11 Chantel_Benjamin-16 Chantel_Benjamin-17 Chantel_Benjamin-30 Chantel_Benjamin-40 Chantel_Benjamin-49 Chantel_Benjamin-50 Chantel_Benjamin-52 Chantel_Benjamin-90 Chantel_Benjamin-104

DIY Bridal Bouquet – how about some coffee?

The internet has fueled the DIY craze, and this is most apparent within the wedding market.  Brides looking to take on creative projects, and shave costs for the wedding, can find plenty of ideas on the internet.  In most cases you get a step-by-step guide right along with the idea.

I wasn’t surprised when Jessica told me she made her bouquet herself.  What she made it from shocked me!  I had to take another very close look when she told me it was made from coffee filters.  After some searching on the internet I was left thinking she did a lot of work to create such a beautiful bouquet.  I also think she has a wonderful memento from the day that will not wilt and dry up.

coffee filter wedding bouquet Jessica_Jason-15 Jessica_Jason-125

Tawanna’s Bridal Photos at McNay Art Museum

Weather, schedules, and more weather had a big impact on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  This all lead to a last minute bridal photo session only a week out from her wedding.

The weather this past winter has not been conducive to outdoor photo sessions here in San Antonio, but I’m not complaining; it has been much worse in other parts of the country. We finally hit everything perfect with beautiful weather and great temperatures for Tawanna’s bridal shoot, and McNay Art Museum was an excellent setting.

With only a week to go, I quickly got proofs to her, and the print made for her reception portrait.  By the way, the photo chosen was of her in the veranda with the bouquet.  A big thanks to Brandy, her Maid of Honor, with all the help during the photography session. I appreciate all the help behind-the-scene to make sure we got wonderful images.

Bridal photos at McNay Art Museum Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-23 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-25 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-33 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-47 bridal photos mcnay art museum san antonio