Boerne Bridal Photographer – Alyssa at The Springs

Select photos from Alyssa’s bridal session at The Springs in Boerne.  It’s always a pleasure to shoot bridal photos at wedding venues.  The lack of traffic and interruptions allows for a much more creative atmosphere.  For the bride it means comfortable accommodations to get ready without the limitations of a makeshift location.  Of course I always schedule so the photography session runs through sunset so we can make the best of the beautiful light.

Beautiful entrance door at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Beautiful sunset light at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Along the water at The Springs in Boerne

Gorgeous sunset at The Springs in Boerne

Beautiful entrance door at The Springs in Boerne

The woodwork and ceilings are an attractive feature of The Springs in Boerne

The stairs are a main feature of the reception area at The Springs in Boerne


Tawanna’s Bridal Photos at McNay Art Museum

Weather, schedules, and more weather had a big impact on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  This all lead to a last minute bridal photo session only a week out from her wedding.

The weather this past winter has not been conducive to outdoor photo sessions here in San Antonio, but I’m not complaining; it has been much worse in other parts of the country. We finally hit everything perfect with beautiful weather and great temperatures for Tawanna’s bridal shoot, and McNay Art Museum was an excellent setting.

With only a week to go, I quickly got proofs to her, and the print made for her reception portrait.  By the way, the photo chosen was of her in the veranda with the bouquet.  A big thanks to Brandy, her Maid of Honor, with all the help during the photography session. I appreciate all the help behind-the-scene to make sure we got wonderful images.

Bridal photos at McNay Art Museum Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-23 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-25 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-33 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-47 bridal photos mcnay art museum san antonio

Flippers and Snorkel – accents for your wedding dress

Many of you may remember Stephanie’s wedding dress photos from last year.  That will be a shoot I will not soon forget.  It was one of the lengthiest shoots I have done.  At a bit over 5 hours we covered a range of concepts and left the location exhausted.  Stephanie had an endless supply of props; still don’t think we shot everything she had ideas for.  The sky was absolutely perfect!!  I feared for my equipment…electronics and water don’t mix.  The fact that there was water in a San Antonio creek during a record drought was amazing.

Narrowing the photos down to the 10 I posted was extremely difficult.  We had so many fantastic images, and I knew at some point I would revisit the images.  One concept that I withheld from the first post was the snorkel and flipper shots.  After browsing through the images again today I decided to post the one below.  My tendency is always to shoot into the sunset.  Everyone knows you get the most brilliant colors and supplementing that with some dramatic lighting makes for sensational photos.  Once we moved into the larger pond area, the backdrop towards the sunset was not very appealing.  With multiple obstructions and unclean lines I opted to shoot away from the sunset.  Hey what do you know, there is that awesome sky now providing brilliant color in the opposite direction as well.  The clouds added just the right mood and effect to make for an amazing background.

Stephanie trash the wedding dress with snorkel and flippers

Detail photos from Maria’s wedding day

I am starting the week off with several detail photos from Maria’s wedding at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.  Maria looked absolutely fantastic on her wedding day, and the details only added to her radiant appearance.  From her elegant wedding dress to the gorgeous shoes she was stunningly stylish, and it was such a treat to photograph her and Luis’ wedding.

san antonio wedding details

san antonio wedding details

san antonio wedding details

san antonio wedding details

san antonio wedding details

Black Wedding Dresses?

This is interesting, and in today’s wedding climate directed at personalizing your ceremony, it was only a matter of time before someone challenged the age old tradition of white. Vera Wang has introduced the black wedding dress complete with edgy model.  Possibly a first choice for Halloween weddings, I think it will be interesting to see who goes for this in the upcoming wedding seasons.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Brides, would you ever wear black?

Waht to do with that dress?

One wedding dilemma has always been what to do with the dress after the wedding.  The bride usually has specific plans whether it be storage or a more controversial “trash the dress” photo session.  The bridesmaids usually get stuck with a dress that doesn’t have much use.  This is where Newlymaid hopes to fill a gap.

Newlymaid is a dress recycling program that allows individuals to send in their bridesmaid, mother of the bride, social occasion and prom dresses for credit towards a “little black dress”.  The program looks interesting and could provide a nice alternative to just letting that dress hag in the back of the closet until your next “spring cleaning”.  Have a look at the FAQ on their site for more details.

What is your vendor selection process?

I came across some information last week on the order in which couples choose their vendors.  I bet you can guess who tops the list…yep, the venue.  I bet you thought I was going to say the photographer, but photography comes in third on the list. I am sure the list will vary from one couple to the next, based on the importance of each service.

So the top five according to the study in order are:

  1. Venue
  2. Attire – wedding dress
  3. Photographer
  4. Flowers
  5. Invitations

I found this a bit interesting, but more importantly I would like to hear what you have to say.  What is your order for vendor selection?  Leave a comment below.