Leigh and Trey – New Braunfels Wedding

Wedding venues with historic ties are always interesting, and when Leigh contacted me about her wedding I was very interested.  Leigh and Trey has selected Bavarian Halle as their wedding site.  Bavarian Halle is a recently transformed Schlitterbahn property,  that doubles as a beer garden, and now wedding venue.  The historic tie is that the venue is built around the Moeller House.  Moeller House is the oldest two story house in New Braunfels, and the rustic charm has been nicely preserved over the years.

For Leigh and Trey it made the perfect location for their New Braunfels wedding.  they were one of the first couples to book a wedding at the transformed venue, and one of the first few weddings to be held there.  For me it was exciting to be photographing one of the first weddings at such a historic site.  The rustic atmosphere of the Moeller House was perfect for the “geting ready” photos, and provided a warm, dry location for group shots.

The reception area doubled as the setting for the ceremony, and was easily converted to a charming atmosphere for the dancing and dinner.  For Leigh and Trey it was an evening of joy, fun, and love as they mingled with friends and family from all over.  It is always exciting to share in capturing the movements that make the day so special.

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Brittany and Zach’s Wedding in Comfort, TX

I occasionally get calls for weddings in the Hill Country, and such was the case for Brittany and Zach’s wedding.  Their wedding plans centered around The Cathedral in Comfort, TX.  Featuring a historic chapel and grounds, the venue has been converted into a beautiful wedding destination, and perfect backdrop for their day.

The day was made even more special by the close tie-in with family.  Brittany’s brother was presiding over the ceremony as minister, and had the special privilege of joining Brittany and Zach together as husband and wife.

One of the most heart felt moments occurred just before the start of the ceremony.  Brittany and Zach came together for a prayer, hand in hand; the chapel door acting as the curtain to prevent Zach from seeing his beautiful bride before the start of the ceremony.   With emotion in their voices they expressed their love for one another, and in moments the time had arrived.

Beautiful and full of love, that is the description of their day.

Brittany_Zach-6 Brittany_Zach-50 Brittany_Zach-73 Brittany_Zach-77 Brittany_Zach-96 Brittany_Zach-128 Brittany_Zach-137 Brittany_Zach-140 Brittany_Zach-159 Brittany_Zach-173 Brittany_Zach-198 Brittany_Zach-211 Brittany_Zach-241 Brittany_Zach-255 Brittany_Zach-297 Brittany_Zach-302 Brittany_Zach-332 Brittany_Zach-357 Brittany_Zach-362 Brittany_Zach-370 Brittany_Zach-373 Brittany_Zach-477 Brittany_Zach-494

Brenda and Adam are Married – A San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

From the moment I met Brenda and Adam I knew this would be a fun exciting wedding.  Their love for one another and their excitement for the future was evident.  Just talking through the details of their day had me wishing the wedding was that weekend.  It had been a long spell since I had photographed a wedding along the San Antonio Riverwalk, and I was anxious to get back down there to experience the atmosphere on the river wedding scene.

Hotel Contessa is situated right by Marriage Island along the Riverwalk.  This area is a hotbed of wedding activity, and as a photographer you have to be on top of things, and constantly attentive to everything going on.  Onlookers from street level are there to witness the ceremony, as well as the river boat tours that pass by every 5 minutes or so.  The applause and congratulations are part of the ceremony, and the atmosphere is excitingly unique!

Brenda and Adam’s wedding struck a perfect balance between number of guests and fun romantic atmosphere. As a photographer this was the ideal situation to be constantly engaged, and creating striking photos all evening long. Great location, fantastic people, fun couple, and an evening that no one wanted to end.  Congrats to Brenda and Adam on a wonderful start to your life together.

Brenda_Adam-23 Brenda_Adam-29 Brenda_Adam-56 Brenda_Adam-60 Brenda_Adam-69 Brenda_Adam-92 Brenda_Adam-111 Brenda_Adam-125 Brenda_Adam-135 Brenda_Adam-136 Brenda_Adam-144 Brenda_Adam-151 Brenda_Adam-167 Brenda_Adam-169 Brenda_Adam-180 Brenda_Adam-184 Brenda_Adam-203 Brenda_Adam-221 Brenda_Adam-227 Brenda_Adam-233 Brenda_Adam-239 Brenda_Adam-254 Brenda_Adam-269 Brenda_Adam-277 Brenda_Adam-325 Brenda_Adam-328 Brenda_Adam-358 Brenda_Adam-368 Brenda_Adam-413 Brenda_Adam-414 Brenda_Adam-442 Brenda_Adam-449 Brenda_Adam-475 Brenda_Adam-484 Brenda_Adam-488 Brenda_Adam-490 Brenda_Adam-497

Jessica and Jason are Married

Married in a wonderful ceremony at the family ranch near Belton, TX, Jessica and Jason planned a wonderful wedding.  Starting the day at Tenroc Ranch, the girls spent the afternoon tending to hair and makeup while getting ready.  The boys took care of last minute details and making sure everything would be perfect for the ceremony and reception.

Starting the day at Tenroc provided a great opportunity to photograph the venue details and  spend some time with the girls.  They had some great photo ideas and their laid back attitude made for a great lead up to the ceremony.  As a pre-ceremony tease for her fiance, Jessica had some signs made up, and composed a photo for him.  The photo “just wait till you see her” was sent to Jason as everyone was heading out to the ranch for the ceremony.  The day was full of touching moments such as this.

The most striking aspect of the day was seeing the tight bond between Jessica, Jason, and her kids.  Everyone was having a good time, and they were all sharing in the wonderful experience.  From Jason’s special dedication during the ceremony, to the toasts, to the family dancing together during the reception, there were many special moments.  As a photographer, capturing those moments was exciting.


Jessica and Jason wedding photography at tenroc ranch Jessica_Jason-12 Jessica_Jason-18 Jessica_Jason-38 Jessica_Jason-53 Jessica_Jason-63 Jessica_Jason-67 Jessica_Jason-79 Jessica_Jason-84 Jessica_Jason-90 Jessica_Jason-96 Jessica_Jason-121 Jessica_Jason-128 Jessica_Jason-133 Jessica_Jason-141 Jessica_Jason-157 Jessica_Jason-162 Jessica_Jason-172 Jessica_Jason-192 Jessica_Jason-196 Jessica_Jason-221 Jessica_Jason-235 Jessica_Jason-248 Jessica_Jason-259 Jessica_Jason-269 Jessica_Jason-287 Jessica_Jason-348 Jessica_Jason-350 Jessica_Jason-382 Jessica_Jason-385 Jessica_Jason-433 Jessica_Jason-457 Jessica_Jason-463 Jessica_Jason-476 Jessica_Jason-500 Jessica_Jason-510 Jessica_Jason-533 Jessica_Jason-537 Jessica_Jason-557

Cake started to fly, but you won’t believe what happened next!

What happened next?  A little cake-in-the-face is often normal at weddings.  What fun loving bride and groom doesn’t have thoughts of getting some icing on one another during cake cutting at the reception.

Capturing the cake cutting is always high on the photography priority list for me. Really any key moment during the reception is important, but cake cutting can be a challenge photographically.  Usually the cake is near a wall and getting a good angle with the right lighting can pose problems.

Everything seemed to be going normal for Jessica and Jason.  I had a good angle, good light, I was getting great shots.  They were being so tender and loving with one another.  There was even an “agreement” not to get cake everywhere.  Then this!!  The moment it all went crazy.  You can see for yourself what happened next!

wedding cake fight at tenroc ranch salado, TX Jessica_Jason-464 Jessica_Jason-465 Jessica_Jason-466 Jessica_Jason-467 Jessica_Jason-468 Jessica_Jason-469 Jessica_Jason-470 Jessica_Jason-471 Jessica_Jason-472 Jessica_Jason-473 Jessica_Jason-474 Jessica_Jason-475 Jessica_Jason-476

Tawanna and Ray are married

For the most part Texas weather is hot!  We have cold days in the winter…most Northerner’s would laugh at what we call cold.  We also have some wet weather in the spring, and I referred to that in my previous post on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  The wet weather returned for Tawanna and Ray’s wedding day, but there is a saying that goes with that.

Rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, because a wet knot is harder to untie.

The weather did not stop everyone from having a great time and enjoying the wonderful ceremony and reception.  The bride looked beautiful, the groom looked stylish, and together they danced the evening away.

san antonio wedding photographer Tawanna_Ray-83 Tawanna_Ray-98 Tawanna_Ray-100 Tawanna_Ray-102 Tawanna_Ray-110 Tawanna_Ray-122 Tawanna_Ray-136 Tawanna_Ray-138 Tawanna_Ray-143 Tawanna_Ray-163 Tawanna_Ray-244 Tawanna_Ray-251 Tawanna_Ray-317 Tawanna_Ray-334 Tawanna_Ray-343 Tawanna_Ray-371

Average Engagement Ring

I came across some survey statistics today that might be interesting to those of you engaged and planning a wedding.  The headline focused on the average cost of engagement rings, but the article has stats on wedding spending in general.  One interesting stat was that San Antonio made it into the list for most expensive places to get married.  At 17th in the list we were not at the top, but we should be proud to be on there, or not!  However you look at it, the average cost for the engagement ring is what interested me.  At $5,130 that can be a pretty big chunk of money for the future groom.

Let me know what you think in the comments, a lot for an engagement ring or not?

engagement ring average cost