Maizey and Aaron are Married – New Braunfels Wedding

On the grounds of The Springs near New Braunfels, Maizey and Aaron confirmed their love for one another.  As the sunset drew near, the wedding ceremony concluded ushering in a wonderful night of celebration and fun.  Being able to witness and photograph the entire day was such a fun experience.  The transition from anxiousness and excitement to joy and delight could be seen as the day progressed, and it was a pleasure capturing the intimate moments throughout.



Cara and Joseph – San Antonio Wedding

Wedding days are always exciting.  I can feel the anticipation building as the couple’s get ready for the ceremony.  No matter how laid back the ceremony and reception plans, I can always sense the nervous excitement among the bridal party.

Cara and Joseph may have been nervously anxious, but it was hidden from me.  They both seemed completely unfazed by the wedding day chaos that tends to swirl around the big day.  Everything fell into place, and those small details that might be a minor disaster to some, were brushed off with a calm improvised plan.

The best part of the day was seeing all the love and care they had for family and friends.  It was touching to see the close bond, and emotional interactions, between guests, friends, and family.  That is the exciting part the I will remember from their wedding day.  Congrats Cara and Joseph, it was a privilege to photograph the moments of your wedding day.

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Beautiful skies for Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding

Capturing Jennifer and Steven’s wedding day was an exciting opportunity this month.  Their ceremony was held at the Latter-Day Saint Temple here in San Antonio.  Sitting atop one of the tallest hills in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, the temple can be seen for miles and is a striking structure.  While photography is not allowed inside the temple, we were free to capture photographs on the grounds and around the temple architecture.

The day was lovely with beautiful skies, as Jennifer and Steven exited the temple to be greeted by family and friends.  After some group photos and family pictures, we had time to capture just the two of them together as husband and wife.  The smiles on their faces, and words of affection they shared was touching, making the moment even more memorable. I feel the photos convey the tenderness of their love and feeling in their hearts.

Jennifer and Steven, I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your photographer for such a special occasion.

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Tell your story in a magazine

Twenty Pages

Hey folks here is a cool idea and something fun for you and your future spouse.  Tell your love story in a magazine format. takes your info and creates a magazine that can be used in a variety of ways for your wedding.  Check out the website, and if you give them a try let me know how it turns out.

Which city topped the list for “Love”?

I was completely unaware of our ranking, and honestly completely unaware there was such a list, but according to the Daily Beast, San Antonio ranks as number one on “The Top Cities for Love”.  Several factors went into the ranking, with the most interesting of course being marriage.  I don’t know how scientific the results are, but it seems like a positive to be on top of the list.  Kudos to our neighbor Austin, you came in at #3.

15 Years!

15 years

15 years ago today I got married to my true love.  I don’t think our story fits the typical engagement/wedding scenario, but there are some aspects that do.  I can’t recount the details nearly as perfectly or eloquently as my wife, but then she is a writer you know.  She is the literary genius, and I am the numbers person.  I wouldn’t change anything at this point.  I look back at our engagement and wedding with fondness and joy, knowing that it fits perfectly with who we are.

We have both changed and grown over the years, but our wedding symbolized us, it reflected who we are on the inside.  I didn’t know that at the time, and it really is not until now that I can see it clearly.  With close family in attendance, we have relied on them over the years to get through tough times.  They have been supportive as they were then, and with their help we have made it this far.

The past 15 years have been such a crazy, exciting,  complex, interesting, trying, fun, stressful, delightful time.  It hardly seems like 15 years of marriage, but it makes me stop and think how blessed I am to have the same woman in my life.  One that loves and takes care of me.  One who thinks enough about me to tell me when I am wrong, and help me back on the path.  One who knows me.

I still have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do, but I wouldn’t want to do it with any other person besides you, Sarah.