McNay Art Museum Bridal Photography – San Antonio, TX

The Mcnay Art Museum has long been a favorite destination of wedding photographers and brides around San Antonio.  The well kept landscape and wonderful architecture makes for a wonderful backdrop.  Shooting on the grounds is inexpensive and easy.  A small $20 grounds fee is collected by security, preventing the need to fill out paperwork or obtain a permit beforehand.

The grounds can get a bit crowded depending on the time of day and weather, so some patience and planning is recommended.  It is not uncommon to find a number of photographers as well as museum goers wandering about taking in the art.  There are the typical photo spots, but there are plenty of areas for those with a creative eye.  Make sure to check the hours the grounds are open, which vary from the museum itself, if you are planning a visit.

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX


Tawanna’s Bridal Photos at McNay Art Museum

Weather, schedules, and more weather had a big impact on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  This all lead to a last minute bridal photo session only a week out from her wedding.

The weather this past winter has not been conducive to outdoor photo sessions here in San Antonio, but I’m not complaining; it has been much worse in other parts of the country. We finally hit everything perfect with beautiful weather and great temperatures for Tawanna’s bridal shoot, and McNay Art Museum was an excellent setting.

With only a week to go, I quickly got proofs to her, and the print made for her reception portrait.  By the way, the photo chosen was of her in the veranda with the bouquet.  A big thanks to Brandy, her Maid of Honor, with all the help during the photography session. I appreciate all the help behind-the-scene to make sure we got wonderful images.

Bridal photos at McNay Art Museum Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-23 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-25 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-33 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-47 bridal photos mcnay art museum san antonio

Celena – San Antonio Bridal Photography

I love being a wedding photographer and thrilled with the chance to capture beautiful brides in their wedding dress.  The downside is not showing the photos until after the wedding.  No photographer wants to be known as the guy that blew it by posting photos of the bride in her dress before the big day.

Celena and Ricky’s wedding was in Corpus Christi, but Celena made the decision to come up to San Antonio for the bridal shoot.  I think the charm of the city, and the numerous locations for bridal photos helped sway her into the choice.  Mcnay Art Museum was the perfect spot, but some delays in the drive and the early closing of the grounds made for a tight schedule.  We had to work quickly to get the photos.  Fortunately the grounds were void of any other visitors so we could move from one setting to the next easily.   In the end we captured some great images, and now I can share them.

San Antonio wedding photographer Celena_Bridals-14 Celena_Bridals-21 Celena_Bridals-23 Celena_Bridals-27 Celena_Bridals-40 Celena_Bridals-45 Celena_Bridals-49

Sueyon and Joel Engagement Photography at McNay

Time of day can play a big role in creating beautiful photographs.  It is always fun to plan out a shoot so that it finishes up around sunset.  Not only is the light fantastic, but for engagement and couple shoots everyone is at ease and feeling comfortable.  The images take on a rich atmosphere and the gorgeous sunset color compliment the images nicely.

For Sueyon and Joel we settled on the McNay Art Museum as the location for their engagement photos.  The McNay has a long history with area photographers and provides a gorgeous backdrop with varied scenes and wonderful architecture.  My challenge with familiar locations is keeping the images creative and fresh.  It is easy to fall into a pattern of always shooting the same set-up, but with the McNay there is a wide range of opportunities for unique shots.

The late day shoot was perfect and we made good use of the sunset and clouds to create some incredible images that they both loved.  Congrats Sueyon and Joel, and thanks for a wonderful evening at the McNay.

Sueyon_Joel-24 Sueyon_Joel-48 Sueyon_Joel-36 Sueyon_Joel-65 Sueyon_Joel-60 Sueyon_Joel-93 Sueyon_Joel-72 Sueyon_Joel-109

Behind the Scenes of Beatrice’s Bridal Session

Back in September 2011 I had a fantastic time of working with Beatrice on her bridal photos.  Given the blistering summer we had here in San Antonio, we opted for a morning shoot at the McNay Art Museum.  An added bonus was the opportunity to shoot unencumbered by the throngs of other photographers who would show up later, it pays to not sleep in.  Of course I posted some of the images on the blog after the wedding, but I wanted to throw a couple more up for fun.

The first image is a behind the scenes shot.  Unfortunately I did not get my lighting set-up in this shot, but it was rather simple.  I was using two speedlights, one to camera left at a 45′ angle to Beatrice with an umbrella to soften the light.  I had the second bare speedlight set up camera right and just behind her to throw some highlight on her dress.  Of course I balanced everything with the sunlight to get a dramatic looking image.  The behind the scenes image was a quick shot to get an idea of the exposure for the sky.  The second image is the result of the setup.

mcnay art museum bridal portrait session san antonio

mcnay art museum bridal portrait session san antonio

Portraits are now allowed inside the McNay

McNay Art Museum grounds

It has been some time since I have shot portraits at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.   The grounds are gorgeous and a fantastic location for shooting group, family, engagement and bridal photos.  What has prevented me from shooting there in recent years is the large amount of traffic on the grounds, and the $20 per shoot that is charged for portraits there.  Nothing wrong with that, I understand that the McNay has operating costs and if they want to pass those along that is fine with me. 

I visited the site last week to make sure the rate had not changed, since I had an upcoming family shoot there.  Still $20, but what I was surprised to find is that the McNay is now open for portrait sessions inside.  Portrait sessions inside have not been allowed in the past, so this was a surprising change.  Pricing runs $100 an hour which is an acceptable charge for most bridal photography locations within the area.  Another benefit is that the restrooms are open for changing if you do book an indoor session.  Please note that the restrooms are not available for changing when shooting on the McNay grounds.

Alia & Lucas Married

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Lucas and Alia’s wedding.  Held at the Witte Museum here in San Antonio, it was a wedding I had been looking forward to for some time.  I have to give props to Alia who appeared completely calm and collected through the entire pre-planning process, decorating, event, and post ceremony clean-up.  She and the other family members did a fantastic job of organizing a beautiful wedding that everyone enjoyed. 

Witte Wedding Details

Witte Wedding Cake

Groom and Groomsmen - last minute wedding details

Wedding dress details

Wedding ceremony - ring bearer

Wedding ceremony - Witte

Witte Wedding


Wedding party

Groom and groomsmen


Reception Details


The Bentley

Their Exit