Amy and Eli are married – A Scenic Springs Wedding

Sometimes you have to be a little bit bold, especially this time of year.  For the most part Texas winter weather is mild, and it can result in perfect conditions for a wedding ceremony.  On the other hand it can be miserable, and leave couples looking for a plan “B”.  On the morning of Amy and Eli’s wedding, plan “B” appeared to be the likely choice.  Slightly on the cool side, and with heavy threatening skies, the chance of rain was very likely.  It takes a bold bride to stick with an outdoor ceremony plan under those conditions, but Amy was sure of her decision.

As if to exhibit some kind of super power over the weather, the rain did hold out all the way up until the last shots of the formal photos, then light sprinkles fell letting everyone know it was time to move on to the reception.  Congrats to a wonderful couple and a fantastic wedding day.  Capturing the moments of your day was a heartwarming experience.

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Tawanna and Ray are married

For the most part Texas weather is hot!  We have cold days in the winter…most Northerner’s would laugh at what we call cold.  We also have some wet weather in the spring, and I referred to that in my previous post on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  The wet weather returned for Tawanna and Ray’s wedding day, but there is a saying that goes with that.

Rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, because a wet knot is harder to untie.

The weather did not stop everyone from having a great time and enjoying the wonderful ceremony and reception.  The bride looked beautiful, the groom looked stylish, and together they danced the evening away.

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How to Avoid the Biggest Wedding Disaster

Most everyone will agree the biggest wedding disaster is rain on your outdoor ceremony or reception.  Even if the skies clear before the start of the ceremony, there is still the possibility of dealing with mud and water on everything.  Here in Texas we have long spells of dry hot weather and the chance of rain during the summer is slim…but there is always a chance.  There is no certainty of dry weather when you are setting a date 6-12 months out.

So how do you ensure that your wedding will go off beautifully even if the skies are not so kind?

  • Choose a venue that has indoor space
  • Devise an alternate plan in case of poor weather
  • Rent a tent that could serve as shelter for the ceremony and reception
  • Set a poor weather percentage level, such as more than 60% for going with the alternate plan
  • Inform the vendors of the alternate plan
  • Decide early on going with the alternate plan if there is little flexibility

If there are no indoor options, then make sure to have umbrellas on hand if the weather is looking questionable the morning of your event.  Investing in several large matching umbrellas could be effective for staying dry and looking good in the photos.