Boerne Wedding Photography at Paniola Ranch

We had the pleasure of photographing Kim and Matt’s wedding at the beautiful Paniola Ranch in Boerne, TX.  Thanks for choosing us!


Jessica and Jason are Married

Married in a wonderful ceremony at the family ranch near Belton, TX, Jessica and Jason planned a wonderful wedding.  Starting the day at Tenroc Ranch, the girls spent the afternoon tending to hair and makeup while getting ready.  The boys took care of last minute details and making sure everything would be perfect for the ceremony and reception.

Starting the day at Tenroc provided a great opportunity to photograph the venue details and  spend some time with the girls.  They had some great photo ideas and their laid back attitude made for a great lead up to the ceremony.  As a pre-ceremony tease for her fiance, Jessica had some signs made up, and composed a photo for him.  The photo “just wait till you see her” was sent to Jason as everyone was heading out to the ranch for the ceremony.  The day was full of touching moments such as this.

The most striking aspect of the day was seeing the tight bond between Jessica, Jason, and her kids.  Everyone was having a good time, and they were all sharing in the wonderful experience.  From Jason’s special dedication during the ceremony, to the toasts, to the family dancing together during the reception, there were many special moments.  As a photographer, capturing those moments was exciting.


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Goebel Family Shoot

Walker Ranch Park seems to be my location of choice for family shoots here lately.  Not only does it provide a great setting for photos, but kids absolutely love the trees for climbing and the playground for entertainment.  Catch the light at the right time and the images are stunning, then let the kids play for awhile before heading off for dinner.

I met the Goebel family there this past weekend and we timed the sunset perfectly.  The kids has a blast after we finished up and it gave me a chance to talk further with Patrick and Melissa about work and local literature.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the photos and think they will be too.

The windmill seems to be a favorite prop that families want in the image.

The park is right under the San Antonio airport flight path.

Such sweet kids….

…but they had their fun side as well.