San Antonio Engagement Photographer – Downtown River Walk

When suggesting the San Antonio River Walk as an engagement photography location, I am often met with a hesitant response.  The image most people visualize is the crowded narrow walkway in the heart of the tourist attraction.  I typically have to paint the picture of a much more laid back and intimate location away from the crowds.  Just outside the main River Walk area is a more picturesque and quaint trail, that offers an intimate atmosphere.

Rebecca and Cody were up for the adventure, and trusted we would get some great photos for their engagement session.  I always get excited when a local couple experiences new locations and sites they have not encountered before.  The diversity and architecture of downtown allows for a wide range of backdrops, which Rebecca and Cody loved.

The lights of the Drury Inn along the San Antonio River Walk.

The Red Tunnel that connects the River Walk proper with the San Antonio River.

The Red Tunnel that connects the River Walk proper with the San Antonio River.

The Red Tunnel that connects the River Walk proper with the San Antonio River.

The waterfall along the San Antonio River Walk by Houston Street.

One of the alcoves for a high-rise building along the San Antonio River Walk.

One of the alcoves for a high-rise building along the San Antonio River Walk.


Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is one of those locations that tugs at me.  The grand nature of the river, the rock formations, the intricacies of the landscape all come together to provide a spectacular experience.  My first thought when visiting locations like this is how exciting it would be to stage a bridal shoot there.  The creative possibilities are limitless.

My recent visit to the park was more of a photographic scouting trip.  My effort was to identify some possible locations for a bridal or engagement shoot that would result in compelling images.  It was an effort in narrowing down the limitless possibilities to a manageable number of likely photography spots.  Overall the trip was good and helped give some initial shape to my ideas.  I left with some good images for planning and staging, but I also need to find the right bride or couple to being the vision to life.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, and feel you would enjoy the creative and planning process, I would like to hear from you.

DSC_3677 PedernalesFalls-9 PedernalesFalls-11 PedernalesFalls-12 PedernalesFalls-14 PedernalesFalls-15 PedernalesFalls-16PedernalesFalls-3


Brenda and Adam are Married – A San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

From the moment I met Brenda and Adam I knew this would be a fun exciting wedding.  Their love for one another and their excitement for the future was evident.  Just talking through the details of their day had me wishing the wedding was that weekend.  It had been a long spell since I had photographed a wedding along the San Antonio Riverwalk, and I was anxious to get back down there to experience the atmosphere on the river wedding scene.

Hotel Contessa is situated right by Marriage Island along the Riverwalk.  This area is a hotbed of wedding activity, and as a photographer you have to be on top of things, and constantly attentive to everything going on.  Onlookers from street level are there to witness the ceremony, as well as the river boat tours that pass by every 5 minutes or so.  The applause and congratulations are part of the ceremony, and the atmosphere is excitingly unique!

Brenda and Adam’s wedding struck a perfect balance between number of guests and fun romantic atmosphere. As a photographer this was the ideal situation to be constantly engaged, and creating striking photos all evening long. Great location, fantastic people, fun couple, and an evening that no one wanted to end.  Congrats to Brenda and Adam on a wonderful start to your life together.

Brenda_Adam-23 Brenda_Adam-29 Brenda_Adam-56 Brenda_Adam-60 Brenda_Adam-69 Brenda_Adam-92 Brenda_Adam-111 Brenda_Adam-125 Brenda_Adam-135 Brenda_Adam-136 Brenda_Adam-144 Brenda_Adam-151 Brenda_Adam-167 Brenda_Adam-169 Brenda_Adam-180 Brenda_Adam-184 Brenda_Adam-203 Brenda_Adam-221 Brenda_Adam-227 Brenda_Adam-233 Brenda_Adam-239 Brenda_Adam-254 Brenda_Adam-269 Brenda_Adam-277 Brenda_Adam-325 Brenda_Adam-328 Brenda_Adam-358 Brenda_Adam-368 Brenda_Adam-413 Brenda_Adam-414 Brenda_Adam-442 Brenda_Adam-449 Brenda_Adam-475 Brenda_Adam-484 Brenda_Adam-488 Brenda_Adam-490 Brenda_Adam-497

Back from Red River, NM

We have been back from Red River for several days now, but I am just now getting back to the blog.  A Series of projects and catch up work has kept me distracted, which I plan to blog about later this week.

Red River was as beautiful as ever and the water seemingly icy cold.  The highlight of the trip was rafting the Rio Grande, which was fun but a bit unnerving as we actively took part in a swift water rescue of other rafters within our group whose raft had overturned.  Seems they go through all those safety details before the trip for a reason.

We used Big River Raft Trips as our outfitter and our guide Bryan was fantastic.  We had some reservations about taking the girls on the rafting trip (ages 7 & 9) since we would be encountering class 2 & 3 rapids, but Bryan did a fantastic job of keeping us out of trouble, but making the experience fun and exciting.  He basically orchestrated the rescue effort that prevented possible disaster for our unfortunate fellow group members whose raft rolled in the most challenging rapid of the day.

I still have a collection of images to review and process, and will likely be posting those over the coming weeks as I get to them.  For now here is a photo of the Red River at the base of the mountains on a gorgeous summer evening.

Red River on a gorgeous summer evening

11,600 feet

I previously posted about our trip up Goose Creek Lake Mountain.  the view from the previous post was certainly breathtaking for us, but the view that met us as we walked up from the parking area was absolutely gorgeous.  There is no way to convey in photos just how awesome it was.  The only thought I had was “do we really only have an hour here, before we have to head back and return the rental jeep”.  I realize the kids would probably get bored, but I am sure Sarah and I could have stayed up there all day.  I would even consider camping there…and I hate cold weather.

I couldn’t believe the ice caps along the mountain ridge so late in the year.  It was pretty chilly up there, but still I would have thought they would have long since been completely melted.  I can’t imagine what it is like to go through a winter there.  Of course they were melting and numerous streams coming down the side were feeding the lake.  Off to the left of the image was the opening for the lake fed creek that flowed all the way down and into the Red River.  Oh how I dream of going back.  Maybe I need to focus on destination wedding photography!

Goose Creek Lake

Briseno Family Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with the Briseno family a few weekends ago at Cypress Bend Park in New Braunfels.  The weather was on the questionable side, but this was the last opportunity to get everyone together while they were in town.  It was such a delight to get to know the family and capture them in such a wonderful park.

With three generations of family there, it was fun to watch the interaction between family members.  Wrapping up we took a few minutes to chat and it was easy to see the love and joy they had for one another.  Thanks Angelina for the great evening and hope to work with you again soon.