McNay Art Museum Bridal Photography – San Antonio, TX

The Mcnay Art Museum has long been a favorite destination of wedding photographers and brides around San Antonio.  The well kept landscape and wonderful architecture makes for a wonderful backdrop.  Shooting on the grounds is inexpensive and easy.  A small $20 grounds fee is collected by security, preventing the need to fill out paperwork or obtain a permit beforehand.

The grounds can get a bit crowded depending on the time of day and weather, so some patience and planning is recommended.  It is not uncommon to find a number of photographers as well as museum goers wandering about taking in the art.  There are the typical photo spots, but there are plenty of areas for those with a creative eye.  Make sure to check the hours the grounds are open, which vary from the museum itself, if you are planning a visit.

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

Diane’s bridal photos on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX


Brenda and Adam are Married – A San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

From the moment I met Brenda and Adam I knew this would be a fun exciting wedding.  Their love for one another and their excitement for the future was evident.  Just talking through the details of their day had me wishing the wedding was that weekend.  It had been a long spell since I had photographed a wedding along the San Antonio Riverwalk, and I was anxious to get back down there to experience the atmosphere on the river wedding scene.

Hotel Contessa is situated right by Marriage Island along the Riverwalk.  This area is a hotbed of wedding activity, and as a photographer you have to be on top of things, and constantly attentive to everything going on.  Onlookers from street level are there to witness the ceremony, as well as the river boat tours that pass by every 5 minutes or so.  The applause and congratulations are part of the ceremony, and the atmosphere is excitingly unique!

Brenda and Adam’s wedding struck a perfect balance between number of guests and fun romantic atmosphere. As a photographer this was the ideal situation to be constantly engaged, and creating striking photos all evening long. Great location, fantastic people, fun couple, and an evening that no one wanted to end.  Congrats to Brenda and Adam on a wonderful start to your life together.

Brenda_Adam-23 Brenda_Adam-29 Brenda_Adam-56 Brenda_Adam-60 Brenda_Adam-69 Brenda_Adam-92 Brenda_Adam-111 Brenda_Adam-125 Brenda_Adam-135 Brenda_Adam-136 Brenda_Adam-144 Brenda_Adam-151 Brenda_Adam-167 Brenda_Adam-169 Brenda_Adam-180 Brenda_Adam-184 Brenda_Adam-203 Brenda_Adam-221 Brenda_Adam-227 Brenda_Adam-233 Brenda_Adam-239 Brenda_Adam-254 Brenda_Adam-269 Brenda_Adam-277 Brenda_Adam-325 Brenda_Adam-328 Brenda_Adam-358 Brenda_Adam-368 Brenda_Adam-413 Brenda_Adam-414 Brenda_Adam-442 Brenda_Adam-449 Brenda_Adam-475 Brenda_Adam-484 Brenda_Adam-488 Brenda_Adam-490 Brenda_Adam-497

Wedding at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the more popular attractions in San Antonio is the Botanical Garden.  The gardens are kept beautiful all year round, and provide a wonderful experience for visitors and tourists.  I have done several bridal photography sessions there over the years, and on one occasion I noticed the chairs set up for a wedding ceremony.

I assumed the Botanical Garden would be a very popular location for wedding ceremonies, but It was only recently that I had the opportunity to cover a wedding there.  With such a large venue the options and settings are numerous, especially for smaller ceremonies.  No matter what area of the venue you are in, the settings are beautiful, and the photo opportunities are unending.

My coverage of Chantel and Ben’s wedding was a great experience, and I was excited to finally photograph a ceremony at such an iconic venue in San Antonio.  The weather was beautiful, and the gardens looked amazing as usual.  If you are looking for a wedding venue, or a location for bridal photos I highly recommend the Botanical Gardens.

San Antonio Botanical Garden wedding Chantel_Benjamin-11 Chantel_Benjamin-16 Chantel_Benjamin-17 Chantel_Benjamin-30 Chantel_Benjamin-40 Chantel_Benjamin-49 Chantel_Benjamin-50 Chantel_Benjamin-52 Chantel_Benjamin-90 Chantel_Benjamin-104

Beautiful skies for Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding

Capturing Jennifer and Steven’s wedding day was an exciting opportunity this month.  Their ceremony was held at the Latter-Day Saint Temple here in San Antonio.  Sitting atop one of the tallest hills in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, the temple can be seen for miles and is a striking structure.  While photography is not allowed inside the temple, we were free to capture photographs on the grounds and around the temple architecture.

The day was lovely with beautiful skies, as Jennifer and Steven exited the temple to be greeted by family and friends.  After some group photos and family pictures, we had time to capture just the two of them together as husband and wife.  The smiles on their faces, and words of affection they shared was touching, making the moment even more memorable. I feel the photos convey the tenderness of their love and feeling in their hearts.

Jennifer and Steven, I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your photographer for such a special occasion.

latter day-saint wedding photographer in San Antonio Jennifer_Steven-7 Jennifer_Steven-8 Jennifer_Steven-10 Jennifer_Steven-11 Jennifer_Steven-68 Jennifer_Steven-76 Jennifer_Steven-81 Jennifer_Steven-84 Jennifer_Steven-87 Jennifer_Steven-90

Holli and Shane get Married

Outdoor weddings this time of year in San Antonio can be gorgeous, but the ceremony can be a gamble with the weather.  It seems this Spring has provided an unending mix of craziness.  For Holli and Shane however, the weather was perfect, with wonderful temperature, clear skies, and a beautiful venue.

Rustic Gardens was their choice of location, and the venue was perfect with just the right mix of style and rustic charm.  Capturing the pre-wedding nerves, the wonderful ceremony expressions, and the reception fun was exciting, and provided for an evening of great photography.   Documenting the interactions of the day and capturing the emotions of the event is always heartwarming, and gives me a sense of accomplishment to know I am providing lasting memories.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer Holli_Shane-21 Holli_Shane-32 Holli_Shane-38 Holli_Shane-48 Holli_Shane-67 Holli_Shane-73 Holli_Shane-76 Holli_Shane-84 Holli_Shane-104 Holli_Shane-105 Holli_Shane-109 Holli_Shane-112 Holli_Shane-147 Holli_Shane-162 Holli_Shane-165 Holli_Shane-197 Holli_Shane-199 Holli_Shane-212 Holli_Shane-231 Holli_Shane-301 Holli_Shane-326 Holli_Shane-334 Holli_Shane-378 Holli_Shane-385 Holli_Shane-393 Holli_Shane-436 Holli_Shane-446 Holli_Shane-454 Holli_Shane-492 Holli_Shane-495

Tawanna’s Bridal Photos at McNay Art Museum

Weather, schedules, and more weather had a big impact on Tawanna’s bridal photos.  This all lead to a last minute bridal photo session only a week out from her wedding.

The weather this past winter has not been conducive to outdoor photo sessions here in San Antonio, but I’m not complaining; it has been much worse in other parts of the country. We finally hit everything perfect with beautiful weather and great temperatures for Tawanna’s bridal shoot, and McNay Art Museum was an excellent setting.

With only a week to go, I quickly got proofs to her, and the print made for her reception portrait.  By the way, the photo chosen was of her in the veranda with the bouquet.  A big thanks to Brandy, her Maid of Honor, with all the help during the photography session. I appreciate all the help behind-the-scene to make sure we got wonderful images.

Bridal photos at McNay Art Museum Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-23 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-25 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-33 Copy of Tawanna_Bridal-47 bridal photos mcnay art museum san antonio

Jessica and Jonathon’s Wedding Reception at El Tropicano Hotel

The last wedding I blogged was at St Pius Catholic Church in Corps Christi. Coincidentally Jessica and Jonathon’s wedding was at St Pius X Catholic Church in San Antonio.

Jessica and Jonathon’s day started off in downtown at the El Tropicano Hotel along the Riverwalk with the entire wedding party.  When I first met with Jessica and discussed the logistics for the day it was clear that my assistant and I would be aboard the party bus.  The entire wedding party was riding the bus to the church, then back to downtown for photos, then back to the hotel.  It is far easier to be a part of the group, than to chase them around in a separate car.  Plus it took pressure off me so I could concentrate on my job.

St Pius X was gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful. We took care of the routine formals after the ceremony then it was back to the bus for a photo excursion in downtown San Antonio.  Even with a large wedding party everything went smoothly.  The laid back attitude made for a fun shoot and entertaining time on the bus.  Back at El Tropicano it was time to party.  Complete with a classic Oldsmobile convertible for the exit, the reception was fun and exciting.  This was a group that knew how to party and had a great time doing it.

San Antonio downtown wedding photographer Jessica_Jonathon-22 Jessica_Jonathon-25 Jessica_Jonathon-55 Jessica_Jonathon-59 Jessica_Jonathon-111 Jessica_Jonathon-133 Jessica_Jonathon-145 Jessica_Jonathon-178 Jessica_Jonathon-179 Jessica_Jonathon-204 Jessica_Jonathon-387 Jessica_Jonathon-393 Jessica_Jonathon-564 Jessica_Jonathon-572