Hondo Wedding at Quihi Dance Hall

Small town weddings have an atmosphere and charm that you just can’t get in the city.  There are still the wedding day jitters, and pre-ceremony tension, but overall there is a laid back feel.  Being surrounded by farm land and ranches tends to impart a sense of simplicity.  The friendliness of everyone you encounter brings a smile to your face.

Amanda and Josh brought that incredible atmosphere to their wedding in charming style.  From the downtown Hondo loft where the bride and her girls got ready, to the Quihi dance hall that has a history all its own, the day was marked by a country vintage feel.  It’s always fun as the photographer, to capture that vibe and translate it into a story for the couple.

One of the most unique touches was that of the “guest book”.  After branding a beautiful wood piece during the ceremony, it was then available for all the guests to sign during the reception.  It will be a fantastic reminder of the wonderful day.


Inspiration for your Vintage Wedding

If you are planning a vintage style wedding, you may be looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to add some special details.  Ruffled is a blog devoted to vintage weddings and the ideas that make them come true.

Putting together a vintage wedding can be fun.  Searching for the right items to make your wedding special can be a fantastic way to connect with your fiance.  Remember the more involve you both are in the planning the more invested each of you will be.  To help spark those ideas, some browsing of the Ruffled site will do just that.

From the DIY section to the beautiful photography featured on the site, you will have plenty of material to help get you started, or to keep your ideas flowing.  Be sure to follow Ruffled on twitter for additional links and tips.

You can have a Themed Wedding that No One will Forget

halloween themed wedding

Themed weddings can be quite popular, and have become very common in recent years.  A themed wedding is an opportunity to make your day unique and show off your personality in a fun and interesting way.

Halloween weddings are perhaps the most common route for a themed wedding, and vintage is one I see occasionally.  If you are interested in going the themed route here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Select a theme that you and your fiancé love
  • Get your guests involved with activities and props
  • Consider the venue and how it fits with the theme
  • Food choices can help reinforce the theme
  • Include decorations and items that will engage your guests

Themed weddings can be a lot of fun and provide an opportunity for guests to feel a part of the ceremony.  Planning carefully can ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch.  If you are uncertain in your ability to pull it off consider a wedding planner who specializes in such events.

Weddings in 2011

With 2010 coming to a close I thought it would be interesting to follow-up on the wedding trends for 2011.  I have a strong inclination to believe that the trends are set by the first person to blog about what the trends will be.  After hitting a good number of articles on 2011 trends I quickly began to realize the similarity between them all.  It was not just the ideas that were similar but in some cases they were word-for-word.

I can’t say that I blame the writers, who really knows what the trends will be anyway, that IS why I was searching the topic.  I am not going to try to predict the wedding trends for next year.  Maybe the trend is to take the first google result and base the trends on that.  Really, how much change will there be from 2010 to 2011 anyway?  One couldn’t be too far off to predict that DIY will be a continuing trend for weddings in 2011.

One trend I found interesting (of course) was that photography would lean more on the vintage style.  It seems all you vintage style photographers out there should have your calendars full for 2011.  It may be time to scramble for a crash course in vintage shooting, in order to stay in business.  I joke of course.  Certainly preferences wouldn’t change just because someone blogged that?

It will be interesting to see how the Royal wedding is received and what impact it might have on trends.  No predictions on that from me 😉