Melissa and Sacha – a Corpus Christi Wedding

I have been photographing weddings in Corpus Christi for a awhile now, and I’m always excited to hear from couples in that area who are needing a wedding photographer.  Melissa and Sacha contacted me for their wedding and with the date still available on my schedule I was eager to join them on their wonderful day.

Catholic weddings are always exciting.  I love the opportunity to photograph ceremonies within the ornate and decorative architecture.  I also find most priests to be very flexible with their photography requirements giving me plenty of leeway to capture the couple during the marriage sacrament.  For Melissa and Sacha the day was fantastic.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was filled with fun and joy.  It was a pleasure to photograph everyone having a great time and enjoying the event.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Melissa_Sacha-45 Melissa_Sacha-74 Melissa_Sacha-94 Melissa_Sacha-158 Melissa_Sacha-210 Melissa_Sacha-297 Melissa_Sacha-306 Melissa_Sacha-317 Melissa_Sacha-450 Melissa_Sacha-458 Melissa_Sacha-461



Celena and Ricky’s Corpus Christi Wedding

Celena and Ricky’s marriage ceremony was at Saint Pius Catholic Church in Corpus Christi.  I always get excited about Catholic marriage ceremonies, probably because I grew up in the church, but also because the buildings are so ornate with beautiful architecture. It’s exciting toe see the different churches and get to capture wonderful images of the ceremony and mass.

Saint Pius was no exception.  It is a wonderful building, and the mass was beautiful.  I was limited to photographing the ceremony from only one side of the  nave, but that did not pose a problem.  The reception was held nearby at the Richard M Borchard Fairgrounds.  One of my favorite images was from the limo, with Celena and Ricky getting ready to leave the ceremony.

Complete with a Mariachi, the reception was wonderful.  It was such a joy to capture the day for Celena and Ricky.  Here is a small sampling of the images from their wedding day.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Celena_Ricky-34 Celena_Ricky-64 Celena_Ricky-66 Celena_Ricky-70 Celena_Ricky-80 Celena_Ricky-99 Celena_Ricky-119 Celena_Ricky-157 Celena_Ricky-205 Celena_Ricky-221 Celena_Ricky-239 Celena_Ricky-244 Celena_Ricky-252 Celena_Ricky-310 Celena_Ricky-337 Celena_Ricky-388 Celena_Ricky-428 Celena_Ricky-568

Celena – San Antonio Bridal Photography

I love being a wedding photographer and thrilled with the chance to capture beautiful brides in their wedding dress.  The downside is not showing the photos until after the wedding.  No photographer wants to be known as the guy that blew it by posting photos of the bride in her dress before the big day.

Celena and Ricky’s wedding was in Corpus Christi, but Celena made the decision to come up to San Antonio for the bridal shoot.  I think the charm of the city, and the numerous locations for bridal photos helped sway her into the choice.  Mcnay Art Museum was the perfect spot, but some delays in the drive and the early closing of the grounds made for a tight schedule.  We had to work quickly to get the photos.  Fortunately the grounds were void of any other visitors so we could move from one setting to the next easily.   In the end we captured some great images, and now I can share them.

San Antonio wedding photographer Celena_Bridals-14 Celena_Bridals-21 Celena_Bridals-23 Celena_Bridals-27 Celena_Bridals-40 Celena_Bridals-45 Celena_Bridals-49

Joy and Brandan are Married

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful beachfront wedding in Corpus Christi.  I posted previously about Joy and Brandan’s wedding making the Corpus news, but with the images now ready, I had to share their fantastic day on the blog.  Joy and Brandan make such a cute couple and with close friends and family around to share in the day they tied the knot with sand between their toes. 

Preperations for Joy's Wedding

Last minute details

Getting ready for the ceremony

The wedding dress awaits

Beachfront Wedding, Corpus Christi

Walking down the "aisle"

Giving away the bride

the Wedding ring

Joy and Brandan married

Beautiful day

The stunning bride, Joy

Excited bridesmaids

Reception dancing

In the circle

The toss

Getting the garter

The wedding exit

News Coverage

I am still in the process of editing images from Joy and Brandan’s wedding from this past weekend, but I had to post a quick note on the news coverage from the event (follow this link).  Joy works for a Corpus Christi news station, so what better way to say congrats than to send out a crew for first hand coverage.  With the Corpus Christi Bay as the backdrop, there was no better place to capture the formal portraits, and the kiii-tv crew was there to get their story from the newlyweds who had just tied the knot in a beachfront ceremony.

Check back later this week for more images from the wedding.

Corpus Christi Wedding Portrait